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Swedish Massage

If you are seeking a relaxing and rejuvenating Swedish massage then Krasa Spa Club is the place to go. Whether you are a returning client, a first time customer or a visitor from out of town, we will be able to provide you with the perfect soothing experience that will leave you feeling on top of the world. Our famous Swedish massage will not only relieve sore and aching muscles but it will also alleviate joint pain, leaving you feeling replenished and back to your best. So whether you’re a native soul or simply here for the weekend, don’t leave without trying our Swedish massage.

How is a Swedish Massage Different from a Thai Massage?

One of the most defining characteristics of a Swedish massage relates to its soothing qualities. Unlike a Thai Massage for instance, which would be far more concerned with ‘hitting’ the correct acupuncture points, the Swedish massage is of a far more classically relaxing variety. Typically, a Swedish massage will use five of the most traditional techniques, namely:

  • Stroking and Gliding: Long sweeping strokes that usually take place at the start and end of the massage.
  • Kneading: This follows the initial stroking stage and is similar in many ways to how you would knead dough when making bread. The difference however is that it is your back and leg muscles that receives the attention!
  • Friction: In this instance, a deep surge of pressure is applied to a particular spot, generally on your back that requires special attention. Our professionally trained massage therapists will usually apply this pressure using their thumb, knuckle or fingertip.
  • Tapping: Although not as common as it once was, this technique is still offered on request. It simply involves fast rhythmic tapping so as to alleviate pinch points of pain on your legs, arms or back.

These particular motions are the classic and most traditional approaches to massage from a western perspective. As such, Swedish massage is heavily indebted to western physiology and anatomy. They are also what would be considered the most traditional of massage types and are regarded as an accessible entry point into the world of massage.

Does a Swedish Massage Use Oils?

Yes. Another key feature of a Swedish massage resonates from the fact that it uses essential replenishing oils to help soothe and caress the muscles during the massage. This means that all clients need to be undressed and covered with towels and it must take place in a private location. Similarly, during a Swedish massage, the client is only required to la on his/her stomach or back and they remain rather stationary on the padded state of the art massage beds that we provide. This contrasts with the Thai massage as it generally requires more flexibility but is done so from a floor mat rather than an elevated bed.


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