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Hair Extensions

Have you always wanted long luxurious hair?

If changing your hair color or getting a new cut is just not enough, consider hair extensions for a dramatic and glamorous way to give your appearance a boost. Krasa Spa Club specializes in providing a variety of extension options, from a team of experienced hair technicians at our salon.

Short or Long Term Hair Extensions

We offer the latest in extension technology available in the industry including double taping and micro link methods that result in the most spectacular results. Silky, soft and always natural looking, Krasa Spa Club also offers a selection of clip on extensions for those looking for only temporary change. Unlike cutting your hair, or trying a new hair color, hair extensions are easily removed and yet can be a dramatic and exciting change for any occasion including:

  • Weddings
  • High school proms
  • Any special events
  • Travel / vacation
  • As a permanent new look

Hair Extensions: Unlimited Possibilities

Treat yourself to dazzling and elegant tresses that won’t harm or permanently alter your natural hair. Krasa Spa Club extensions are recognized for their longevity, easy maintenance as well as standing up to heat and regular hair care. Choose from a wide range of shades and designs that transform your hair and create an entirely new look for every day or special occasions!

Hair extensions add length, color depth and volume to the style you already have. Benefit from the expertise of Krasa Spa Club technicians and these professional tips:

While most people opt for natural hair extensions, synthetic works well too. Consult with an experienced salon expert to help you choose.

Add on methods

Choose from heat or cold fusion, skin weft, microbeads or convenient clip-on extensions, the simplest and most flexible method.

Hair Extension Tools

Wide tooth combs and loop brushes are essential for detangling and caring for your newly acquired hair extensions.

Keep it Clean

We recommend to our clients avoid hair care products with lots of silicone and conditioning oils when shampooing extensions which contribute to extra build-up and residue. Consult with a Krasa Spa Club technician for product suggestions.

Top to Bottom

Gently work shampoo or conditioner into hair extensions from the root to tip and rinse with lukewarm water. Pat gently with a towel to remove excess water. Excessive rubbing causes damage.

Easy on the Heat

Flat and curling irons are fine for natural hair extensions when used at moderate heat settings to avoid damage and preserve lifespan.

Please feel free to call Krasa Spa Club for a consultation or to find out more.

Hair Extension Benefits and Facts

  • Hair extensions do not only alter length but can also be used to add volume to thin, limp hair
  • Hair extensions can be applied to even very short hair. Contact our hair extension specialists for expert advice
  • Krasa Spa Club extensions can be clipped on, braided , glued or woven into your natural hair
  • Extensions allow you to temporarily try new colors and highlights
  • Adding extensions is a painless process and does not damage your natural hair
Krasa Spa Club Hair Extensions

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